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Where Would You Use A Plate Heat Exchanger?

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Plate heat exchangers are most often found in liquid to liquid applications, such as hot process water that contains chemicals/contaminants heating up cold mains water to provide clean hot water.

District heating systems can benefit from plate heat exchangers or gasket plate heat exchangers, allowing individual houses to use the correct amount of hot water from a centralised source. Plate heat exchangers can also be used to cool oils using water, where the two liquids can’t mix.

How Do I Choose A Heat Exchanger?

Turnbull & Scott is an industry-leading provider of industrial heat exchangers across the UK. Our heat exchange units are designed to suit a range of requirements, ensuring that you get the very best heat exchanger for your needs. Such collaboration allows us to give our clients the fairest quotes possible and continue our mission of helping society one heat exchanger at a time. Contact us to choose your heat exchanger.



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