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Where Would You Use A Tube Heat Exchanger?

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 tube heat exchangers are often used for heat recovery in processes that exhaust hot gasses. The heat in the gas is transferred into a liquid, usually water or a thermal oil. The heated liquid can be then used in an application where you would normally use even more energy to heat it up.

ACHEs are ideal for chemical applications, petrochemical cooling, steam cooling, in textiles processing, grain drying, concrete curing, paper manufacture and food processing. As air is the most used process fluid in the world, the application range for ACHEs is extremely varied.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Suitable for: fluid to fluid / fluid to gas

Shell and tube heat exchangers work by passing a hot or cold fluid or gas through a series of tubes (known as a tube bundle) enclosed in a large metal shell. The counter flowing hot or cold fluid or gas is pumped into the shell – where the heat transfer occurs.



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