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Deaeration equipment system for water treatment

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for The Paper Industry

Price for one tour per person

$Call for quotation


Oxygen removal effect

High deoxygenation efficiency, 100% pass rate of oxygen content in feed water

Stable operation

Manual and cumbersome adjustment operations in vibration-free operation

Excellent performance

Good adaptability, not strict requirements on water quality and water temperature, etc., and can operate with a short-term excess of about 50% of the force, small exhaust, and low energy consumption.

Cargo logistics

Shipping from Lianyungang Port, China

The product passed the customer inspection and we sent it to the port within 72 hours

visit us

We assist with visiting procedures

We have dedicated translators and full pick-up and drop-off in five-star hotels

Customized service

Manufacture of deaerator design drawings

Please provide drawings and product performance parameter requirements with us

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